The technology behind Tarnish Tamer™ is as remarkable as the results it delivers.

Tarnish Tamer™ was derived from a patented revolutionary, scientific breakthrough technology for anti-corrosion/anti-tarnish applications to protect multimillion-dollar telecommunications equipment. Today, that same technology is used in Tarnish Tamer™ to safeguard your priceless metals and keepsakes.

Tarnish Tamer™ works in two ways. First, it absorbs harmful, tarnish-causing gases. Second, its formula serves to react with, and permanently neutralize, those corrosive gases. Tarnish Tamer's technology is more powerful than conventional ways of combating corrosion.

That's because Tarnish Tamer™ does not coat your precious metals …it simply stops tarnish from forming in the first place. As a result, Tarnish Tamer™ works more quickly – and more efficiently – over a longer period of time.

The technology behind Tarnish Tamer™ is proven and powerful. Now you can put that same technology to work in safeguarding your silver, gold, copper, brass and other metal and valuables.

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