Protect your most prized silver jewelry, silverware and metal keepsakes for years to come with Tarnish Tamer™ silver jewelry and silverware storage!

Tarnish Tamer™ is based on a patented formula that's scientifically proven to prevent tarnish build-up on all types of silver, gold, copper and brass jewelry, flatware, giftware and musical instruments. Tarnish Tamer™ is:

Non-abrasive and safe for all metals and gemstones. Tarnish Tamer™ is also safe for you, your family, and the environment. It is non-toxic and specially formulated to be hypo-allergenic.

Easy to use, simply place your silver item in with any of the Tarnish Tamer™ silverware storage products like tarnish bags and silver storage boxes. Tarnish Tamer™ does not coat your items with any chemicals.

Proven to keep metals bright for up to 5 years, Tarnish Tamer™ absorbs and neutralizes tarnish-causing gases.

Learn more about how Tarnish Tamer™ prevents harsh tarnish build-up – while preserving the polished look of your precious metal valuables!

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Tarnish Tamer™ is available in a variety of products:

Tarnish prevention Drawstring Pouches for your silver jewelry or other silver items

Tarnish prevention 6-piece Place Setting Roll

Tarnish prevention 15"x 15" Hollowware Bag

2"x 7" Anti Tarnish Strips for jewelry boxes or other containers

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Tarnish TamerTarnish TamerTarnish TamerTarnish Tamer

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